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In exile in Yakutsk, Siberia

Gitta Klibansky

In the Hebrew Gymnasium in Kovna, Lithuania

In the Ministry of Construction, Jerusalem, with Ariel Sharon

After passing away of my mother on March 12, 2015, I decided to write a Torah Scroll dedicated in memory of her and of my late father, the refusenik Menachem Klibansky.


On this occasion of writing and to grant merit to the many, my mother's book

"From the Ends of Earth" (408 pages, in Hebrew),

which chronicles her thrilling life in Kovna, in the North Pole and in the Soviet Vilna, will be sold for cost price of $18 (+shipping).

All the profits of the sale are dedicated to the writing of the Torah Scroll.


By buying a book, one gains a partnership in the Torah scroll named for my parents.


For purchase click here. 

© Copyright by Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky

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