The Status of Agudat Harabbanim in Lithuania


printed (Hebrew) in ZION, 75 (2010), pp. 313–346

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The Lithuanian Jewry: 

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Rabbi Itzele Rabinovitch – the Revolutionary Genius

printed in LEBNS-FRAGN, 678 (March–April 2009), pp. 17–18

Unique Characteristics of the Lomza Yeshiva Students After WWI

printed in LANDSMEN, 19, 1–2 (2009), pp. 3–9

"The Pooling of the Yeshivot will Encircle the Whole World": The Character of the Novardok Press

printed (Hebrew) in KESHER, 40 (2010), pp. 115–125


"To Sanctify the Name of Heaven in the World": The Character of the Education-Revolution in Telz


printed (Hebrew) in MAYIM MIDALYAV, 21 (2010), pp. 25–64

"Why do you Bother? Jump Here to the River!": The Musar as the pronounced response to Modernity


printed (Hebrew) in GAL-ED, 23 (2012), pp. 15–58

Books Review: 

Immanuel Etkes and Shlomo Tikochinski, Memoirs of the Lithuanian Yeshiva, Jerusalem 2004


printed (Hebrew) in GAL-ED, 20 (2006), pp. 161–168

Historian & Electronics Engineer

Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky





The Ponivezh Kibbutz

printed (Hebrew) in Hitzei Giborim, 9 (2016), pp. 893–922

remark: there are printing mistakes in the Yiddish text of the article. For the origin see:

Writing a Torah Scroll for the Hafetz Hayyim: From a Fundraiser to a Show of Unity

printed (Hebrew) in Hitzei Giborim, 10 (2017), pp. 1037–1079

Jewish Resistance in Provincial Lithuania in 1941

printed in Holocaust Studies, 2019


The Version of Record of this manuscript has been published (DOI: 10.1080/17504902.2019.1570694) and is available in:

“Tifereth Bachurim”: A Broad Torah Learning Movement for Young Members of the Working Classes in Interwar Lithuania

printed (Hebrew) in ZION, 82 (2017), pp. 439–488